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We have a total of 4 .json files for the Rainy 75 Series:

  • Wired RGB Versions (Standard/Pro)
  • Wired non-RGB Versions (Lite)
  • 2.4G RGB Versions (Standard/Pro)
  • 2.4G non-RGB Versions (Lite)

Here is the link: Download


Are the JSON files not working? Update your Rainy 75 to the lastest version:


  1. Turn off your Rainy 75 Keyboard (Switch under Caps Lock)
  2. Connect it to your PC
  3. Switch to Wired mode (FN+TAB)
  4. Open exe file provided below
  5. Press Start (Do not unplug before the flash is 100% done)
  6. All set

Download: RGB Firmware 20240121 (Standard Pro Versions)

Download: NON-RGB Firmware 20241117 (Lite Versions)


Update Notes (V:20240121)

  1. Added FN+L Long Battery Life Mode
  2. Deleted ESC Charging Indicator
  3. Added Charging Indicator to FN+Space, charging animations updated